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V-Groove chip f

V-Groove chip f

  • categories: Optical components
  • characteristic:
  • Application range: or PLC chip
  • About V-Groove

    V-Groove,whose substrate is quartz,is based on V-dicing technology,has high precision,straight V-Groove.As its pitch can match the pitch of the planar waveguide accurately as well as they are in the same vertical plane, it greatly reduces the loss of the couping between the PLC chip and fiber that is located on the V-Groove.

    Application:One part of fiber array

    Type(Classified by the number of channel):4 channel,8 channel,16 channel,32 channel,48channel,64 channel,80 channel,128 channel.


    Precise location High Stability and Reliability  Tecordia GR-128&GR-1221 standards.


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