Quality Assurance


We have been maintaining an environmental management system which complies with the ISO14001, which was approved in March of 2013. Our company vows to become one of the world’s leading green businesses, and it continues to dedicate itself to minimizing resource consumption and improving efficiency in the use of these precious resources. Shijia actively manages waste byproducts generated from our manufacturing operations by complying with the principles of reduction, reuse, and recycling.

We pledge to continue our improvement of environmental policy by obeying the following principles:

1. Complying with all relevant environmental legislation as well as other environmental requirements,

2. Continuing to reduce industrial waste and to save, recycle, and reuse resources,

3. Choosing to use “green” materials in order to minimize environmental damage (on the premise that the company has already fulfilled its policy of quality and customer satisfaction),

4. Promoting environmental consciousness of employees and suppliers through training and internal/external communication,

5. Improving the work environment to safeguard employee health and safety.