Quality Assurance



Shijia is whole-heartedly committed to providing valued customers with quality products and services to achieve the needs specified by our customer contracts.
Since the company's inception, we have exerted great efforts in achieving our customers' reasonable standards of product proportions, quality, among other specifications. 

In order to maintain the utmost quality and stability in the workplace, our company enforces strict compliance with the standards of management specified by ISO9001+ TL9000. This policy is a testament to the excellent communication, management, and financial records we use in the work Shijia performs. 

As one of the leading optical device manufacturers, all of our employees are aware of the importance in heeding the larger picture, for we value overall quality management and product reliability above all else. As a chief supplier for the optic fiber components market, Shijia provides quality products and services to customers worldwide with preferential prices and great efficiency. 

Shijia's Quality Policy 

> Persevering in the improvement of quality, cost, and delivery
 Pursuing the total satisfaction of our customers 

Our policy statement is supported by all Shijia employees, from the Chairman to each of our individual employees