after-sales service commitment

1 our company strictly in accordance with the requirements of quality management system to establish and maintain after-sales service procedures. Provisions for the implementation, verification and reporting of services to meet the requirements of the service.

2  our company strictly in accordance with the contract requirements to provide customers with products and services, set up a special customer service department, equipped with specialized technical personnel and after-sales service team, can provide customers with:
① Product consulting
② Application Guide
③ Sales, circulation one-stop service.

3  our company guarantee to provide the buyer with all the technical information and drawings in a timely manner,

our company provides technical advice for free, and will provide the relevant training materials for the maintenance personnel according to the contract.

5 no matter where the cause of equipment defects, parts damage, our company to carry out on-site service and provide the relevant parts, Indeed for the reasons for the user after the parties to resolve matters related to the parties.

6 after receiving the user's demand information, immediately answer, if the product itself quality problems, all costs borne by my company.

7 regularly collect customer comments and suggestions, in order to improve the quality of products and services, improve customer satisfaction.

After sales service

Our company has specialized technical and engineering services, technical and after-sales service personnel have many years of experience of the engineer. According to the project, our company will send technical and after-sales service personnel, responsible for providing timely and thoughtful technical services.

Distribution and marketing services of the provinces and autonomous regions can receive the information users need at any time, and immediately feedback the user's construction and service requirements back to the company. After receiving the information, the company plans to make a service plan and submit it to the user for confirmation.

In the quality assurance period (12 months after the acceptance), the Seller shall replace the optical cable and other goods due to the defects of raw materials, design defects and defects in manufacturing pro