service idea

Shi Jia always adhere to technological innovation, excellence in research and development and quality control, has become the world's leading enterprises in the field of optical fiber and cable industry, providing comprehensive solutions for information transmission, sensing and control. Jiashi will lead the development of enterprises and industries more long-term perspective, a broader mind, not the.

Service measures

customer satisfaction is the cornerstone of our business forward.

We have been unremitting efforts since its inception, with superior product quality and performance, good brand reputation and strong price competitiveness, has established a strong and broad customer base.

We generally have their own sales and customer service staff, specifically, in the three major operators, we set up offices throughout the country, to provide customers with specialized support and understanding of customer needs.

We also set up sales support to answer questions about our products.

We have not only assigned sales representatives, but also assign technical personnel to the local service team, in order to better respond to the customer's technical request.

In addition, our joint venture company and Associate Companies are all over China, so that we can be more quickly and more quickly to the needs of our customers.