Enterprise idea

Corporate mission:to provide customers with value, to create wealth for society
Enterprise purpose:the development of Jiashi, to serve the country, strengthen Jiashi, contributing to society
Enterprise spirit:advocating dedication, diligent, pragmatic upward, law-abiding
Quality policy : high quality, efficient, honest and trustworthy.
Service concept:with our creative life and growth in nature, let the customer satisfaction

Management idea

Success and happiness can be hand in hand when your efforts are self serving and beneficial.

Customer, so that our enterprises survive; the support of customers, so that enterprises continue to grow; customer requirements, so that enterprises continue to grow; customer is enterprise ship to the sea; the customer is the source of enterprise's life, customer for us to build a performance stage; customer help us realize the dream career, we should treat customers.
Employees are the blood of enterprises, employees are the wealth of the enterprise, the staff of the enterprise development, the staff of the enterprise to win the praise, we should treat employees. We want to help employees achieve their career dreams, we should fully respect their personality and dignity, to stimulate their talents, they each work should be full of challenges and value, they pay to get a reasonable, fair and generous return.
We must continue to focus on the management of the increase, we must fully respect the basis of human nature, to play the tremendous power of scientific management. We must focus on the construction of business beliefs, the only way to achieve our value for the customer to create wealth for the ultimate goal of society. We work in communities and communities to provide a good environment for our career, we have to be responsible for them, do our best to support all meaningful public welfare undertakings. People's enthusiasm and creativity is an inexhaustible supply of wealth and resources, the essence of management is to develop human resources. To maintain and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, we must mobilize the enthusiasm of the people, inspire people's creativity.