Shijia Photons Technology - Leader of Innovative Development and Massive Production of PLC Photonic Chips and Optoelectronic Devices

Henan Shijia Photons Technology Co., Ltd. was established by Zhengzhou Shijia Communication Technology Co., Ltd in Oct 2010. The company is located at the Electronic Industrial Park of the National Economic Development Zone in Hebi city of Henan Province, which has tens of sales offices across China and an international subsidiary located in Silicon Valley of the United States.

The company has R&D centers developing both passive and active components and devices, massive production facilities, and PLC photonic chips, integrated optoelectronic devices and packages for FTTx, telecommunication and data center applications.

The company’s the state-of-art equipment for 6” wafer fabrication, characterization, testing and assembling can realize volume production and quick deliver to our customers with reliable products. The manufacture facility of 6400 square meters and 380 employees can provide designs, simulation, wafer fabrication, testing, assembling, and packaging to serve customers from academia to industry. The main products are (1) passive PLC photonic chips, AWG MUX/deMUX chips, PLC VOA chips and related devices and packages, (2) active 10G DFB laser chips, optoelectronic devices and packages, and (3) PLC foundry services.

The company has built and run several research platforms focusing on different applications serving both academia and industries from domestic and abroad.