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Recruitment overview:


1. According to the customers of the group / regional market strategy requirements, where customers / regional, grassroots customer relationship development and project implementation process, ensure local market sales target, payment collection target and target market and customer relationship enhancement.

2 through the organization of market analysis (industry, customers, competition, itself, opportunities), to determine the market objectives and strategies, to participate in the development of customer base planning and implementation.
3 organize company and customer's summit meeting, management research, training and exchange activities, etc.; invite and accompany customers to participate in international exhibitions and inspection company; participate in the customer organization of large-scale activities.
4 set up the sales project team, make the whole process of the strategy to ensure the success of the project.

5 focus on strategic implementation and market structure, responsible for the organization of internal resources, implementation and regularly adjust the established objectives and strategies.


1 domestic 985, 211 full-time, overseas QS600 college degree or above;

2 5 years or above sales experience in 2.ICT related industry;

3 English as working language, fluent in French, Spanish, Arabic and other languages;

4 overseas study and working experience is preferred;