Unobstructed career development path
Since its inception, Henan Shijia photons technology Co., Ltd, the rapid growth in business scale, market territory throughout Southeast Asia, Europe, the Americas and other places. The rapid development of Shijia needs a large number of professionals and management cadres, which provides a great opportunity for the development and growth of the staff. In Shijia, employees can get professional and management of dual channel career development.

Talent idea
People's enthusiasm and creativity is an inexhaustible supply of wealth and resources, the essence of management is to develop human resources. To maintain and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, we must mobilize the enthusiasm of the people, inspire people's creativity.

We are with their own race, in order to better tomorrow, we have to work hard, there is no end, we will never stop!

Principle of employing
One, the mediocre, light let, have the opportunity to.

Talent goal
A familiar with the strategic investment decision-making and market rules of the senior management team;
A team of professional managers with rich experience and good management;
A team of professionals with the latest technology and a unique sense of innovation; A proficient business process, skilled job skills of the management team.